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From Pierre Delisle <pierre.deli...@sun.com>
Subject Re: Confusion between JSTL and Jakarta Taglibs
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 19:12:13 GMT
Please find attached a first draft proposal for
the reorganization of the jakarta-taglibs home page.

This is to follow suit on the proposal initiated by Shawn,
amended by myself, and for which two comments were posted
(Glenn and Steve).

Please have a look and comment. The goal here is to simplify
and streamline our home page so people can 
  1. easily understand what jakarta-taglibs is all about
  2. easily access the project they are interested in
  3. easily access information of interest

Below are some details on the content of that first draft proposal 
as compared to the current home page:

  - Introduction 
    Pretty much the one suggested by Shawn.

  - Overview
    Removed the Overview section. The link in the Introduction to
    http://java.sun.com/jsp/taglibraries.html provides the "official"
    overview of what tag libraries are.

  - Project Categories
    This new section clarifies the different categories a project
    can be in. I've tried to streamline to the max, adopting
    the same model as 'commons', where you have the sandbox, and then
    commons-proper (no beta category).
    We'll have to work on the two documents "New Project Submission"
    and "Requirements for Projects Officially Supported at Jakarta Taglibs",
    but for the time being, let's focus on our Home page.

  - News
    Our current news section is way too long (more than 1 year worth of news). 
    It should be trimmed from time to time to only show what's recent and relevent. 
    We may have to modify our build process to have more flexibility here.
    (looks like all news for all projects are centralized in one file, but I may
    be wrong).

  - Tag Library Descriptions
    Commons does not give on the home page a description of all the projects they support,
    and I think we should do the same. It makes the page way too long,
    and people can get the description of a project by simply clicking on its
    name in the navigation column.

  - How To Download, Reporting Bugs and Feature Requests, Getting Involved
    Same as current page.

  - Links of Interest
    "Tutorials" section renamed "Links of Interest". This title is more general, and will
    allow us to put more than just links to tutorials.

Sidebar (Left Navigation Column)

  - Home link
    Added a link to go back to the jakarta-taglibs home page

  - Downloads
    Removed. Already covered in the downlods section.

  - Projects
    Now listed per category: 
      - JCP Standardized Tag Libraries
      - Supported Tag Libraries
      - Tool Extensions
      - Sandbox
    Please note that I have not paid much attention on the division 
    of projects between the various categories. We'll do that later...

  - Documentation
    Removed. Documentation specific to developers interested in contributing
    projects will be covered by the documents mentioned in section
    "Project Categories". The "dist" are covered in the downloads section.
    Tutorials will be in the "links of interest" section.

  - Getting Involved
    Renamed to "Jakarta Community".


    -- Pierre

BTW, my prose is not the best. So please feel free to suggest text
corrections... I won't be offended :-)

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