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From Shawn Bayern <bay...@essentially.net>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Cache Taglib
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2002 15:08:34 GMT
On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Bjørn Bouet Smith wrote:

> Im thinking about making the cache query string aware, such as it will
> be possible to make the cache only retrieve contents from the cache if
> the query string matches with the one in the cache, otherwise it
> should evaluate the body and add another cache element.
> The same about session awareness, define a couple of variables that the
> cache should check, i.e.:
> <cache:cache cacheName="topPage" maxAge="1" cacheCapacity="100"
> scope="session" evalute="searchstring,searchscope">
> Where the cache would get the session variables searchstring and scope
> and check for equality with the one in the cache, and so forth. I
> think it would be useful.

Yeah, we're thinking about the solution very similarly.  The taglib that
I've proposed accommodates this by letting the user 'factor out' whatever
dynamic nature a fragment has into a single 'key', which can be
constructed using JSTL's expression language.  If the fragment depends
only on the query string, for instance, then you'd write


If it depends on particular variables in the session, you could write


That is, it's easy to construct a compound "unique identifier" string
using JSTL's EL.

The Cache Taglib doesn't currently have 'maxAge' and 'cacheCapacity'
attributes for the tag itself, primarily because I thought it would be
best to hide details like that from the page author.  It supports
configurable cache capacities and expiration times through the use of
back-end scoped variables (and fallback to a default).  The other reason
that I figured it was best not to expose these properties as attribute was
that it might lead to misleading behavior; the cache size and expiration
time are determined when the cache is created, so if different tag
invocations had attributes that "disagreed," the user might get confused.

> Either way, I would love to see a caching taglig in the jakarta taglibs.
> Keep up the good work.

Thanks!  It's posted to the site today, although I think my build.xml
script must have had an error somewhere, since the documentation didn't


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