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From Glenn Nielsen <gl...@voyager.apg.more.net>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Update Jakarta-Taglibs site to reflect reality
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2002 02:26:28 GMT
With the release of JSP 1.2 last fall and the beta relase of the JSP
Standard Taglib (JSTL) the Jakarta-Taglibs site and taglibs could use
an update that reflects the current state of the taglibs.  And most
of the taglibs have never had an official release, or just a beta release.

I have seen a number of questions regarding the release status of the

I would like to propose the following changes and actions to get the
Jakarta-Taglibs site and taglibs up to date.

1. Work through and resolve any taglib bugs reported in bugzilla for
all taglibs.

2. Once all bugs are resolved, do an official 1.0 release of all taglibs.

3. Organize the list of taglibs into three categories.

   a.  JSP 1.2 taglibs
   b.  JSP 1.1 taglibs
   c.  Deprecated taglibs (Deprecated taglibs will no longer be maintained)

4. Identify taglibs to deprecate, one that should be is XSL since it relies
   on Xalan 1.x and has a good replacement of either xtags or jstl.
   Another might be Foundation which was superceded by JSTL.

5. Identify those taglibs which can be replaced by the JSTL for those
   using a container that supports JSP 1.2.

6. Would it be beneficial to port some of the current taglibs such as mailer,
   scrape, and regexp to a JSP1.2 version which leverages the JSTL?

Finally, I would like to call for volunteers to get the existing taglibs
into shape, i.e. resolve open bugs, etc. for release.  I can act as release
manager for all taglibs when they are ready.



Glenn Nielsen             glenn@more.net | /* Spelin donut madder    |
MOREnet System Programming               |  * if iz ina coment.      |
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