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From Christopher Lenz <cml...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: [standard] jstl (lang) comments/questions
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 15:50:10 GMT
06.03.2002 15:55:28, Shawn Bayern <bayern@essentially.net> wrote:
>On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Christopher Lenz wrote:
>> - How should I do stuff like getting the context-path or server-info.
>> I was assuming I could just do ${application.contextPath}, but it
>> seems that only the attributes are accessible through the implicit
>> objects.
>We were hoping attributes were the common case; I didn't think this would
>cause too much confusion.  Do you think it does?

Well, the design you've chosen avoids potential name-conflicts (between 
properties and attributes), so it's the right decision AFAICT.

>To get non-attribute data, you can use, e.g., 
>  ${pageContext.servletContext.contextPath}

Ah! I didn't even notice the pageContext object existed yet. The distinction 
between 'page' (for attributes) and 'pageContext' (for properties) is 
potentially confusing, however. But I can't think of a more elegant solution.

>We considered this something of an "advanced" usage, so we don't mind the
>somewhat long expression.

Whether it's advanced usage really depends on how much of the functionality that 
you can get from the properties/methods of the various 'context'-objects is also 
provided via the taglib, as with URL-management.

>> On a related note: I find the support for handling web-app internal
>> links quite lacking: where's support for prepending relative links
>> with the context-path and also 'rewriting' relative URLs, etc. ? Have
>> I missed something obvious ?
>Believe it or not, it's on its way.  :-)  We plan to have much better
>support for managing URLs in the upcoming milestone release.

Cool :). The only other thing I can't find is a nice taglib-equivalent to 
request.isUserInRole(), and maybe remote-user/credentials stuff in general.

 /=/ cmlenz at gmx.de

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