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From Shawn Bayern <bay...@essentially.net>
Subject Re: [standard] Packaging suggestions
Date Sun, 31 Mar 2002 05:23:40 GMT

This all sounds good to me.  I'll try to incorporate all of these
suggestions into Beta 2.  The CVS archive has a README.txt file, but we
don't expose it in the binary distribution.

Concerning the duplication between jstl.jar and standard.jar, the hope was
that users wanting all of JSTL could simply install a single JAR
(standard.jar), while developers of other implementations might want just
the public, spec'd APIs (jstl.jar).  Perhaps we can include the latter in
a subdirectory off the root, though; it's not what most users are
interested in anyway.



On Fri, 29 Mar 2002, Hans Bergsten wrote:

> * A README.txt file wold be nice, with the typical info about
>    what it is, but more importantly, how to install it.
> * At the top level in the standard binary distribution, there are
>    only two JAR files: jstl.jar and standard.jar, which also includes
>    all the same files as jstl.jar. I believe it would be much
>    easier to install this if the top level (or better, a lib
>    subdirectory) contained *all* JAR files needed to use the tag
>    library (and the duplication of files in standard.jar and jstl.jar
>    seems uncessary and possibly confusing). Now I have to unpack the
>    standard-examples.war file to get all JAR files out of the
>    WEB-INF/lib directory. I know this can be controversial, but you
>    already include all JAR files, just not in a location where they
>    are easy to find.
> * Both at the top level and in the examples application, the
>    TLD files are exposed as external files. I believe this may
>    be a source of confusion. JSTL depends on JSP 1.2 and should
>    therefore use the new TLD auto-discovery feature, which finds
>    TLDs even in JAR files. I know that the overall Taglibs project
>    guidelines say that the TLDs should be exposed like this, but
>    the guidelines were written before JSP 1.2 was released and
>    IMHO it's time to change them.
> * The default URIs for all libraries still contain "ea" so they
>    don't match the URIs in the Public Review spec draft. I believe
>    it's time to drop the "ea" at this stage (it's Beta, not EA).
> With these changes, the README.txt file could say "to install JSTL,
> just copy the JAR files in the lib directory to the WEB-INF/lib
> directory for your web application. To use it in your pages, just
> include a taglib directive with the appropriate default URI as
> the uri attribute value." That seems a lot easier than today to me ;-)

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