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From Hans Bergsten <h...@gefionsoftware.com>
Subject [standard] Packaging suggestions
Date Fri, 29 Mar 2002 18:45:46 GMT
Hi guys,

While playing with the JSTL RI Beta 1, I noticed a few things
about the packaging that I believe can be improved.

I know that the best way to get something changed in an open source
project is to submit a patch, but I'm afraid these things may
require consensus before they are implemented (since they deal
with packaging policy within the project). So I'll start with the
list of suggestions and see where that takes us:
* A README.txt file wold be nice, with the typical info about
   what it is, but more importantly, how to install it.
* At the top level in the standard binary distribution, there are
   only two JAR files: jstl.jar and standard.jar, which also includes
   all the same files as jstl.jar. I believe it would be much
   easier to install this if the top level (or better, a lib
   subdirectory) contained *all* JAR files needed to use the tag
   library (and the duplication of files in standard.jar and jstl.jar
   seems uncessary and possibly confusing). Now I have to unpack the
   standard-examples.war file to get all JAR files out of the
   WEB-INF/lib directory. I know this can be controversial, but you
   already include all JAR files, just not in a location where they
   are easy to find.
* Both at the top level and in the examples application, the
   TLD files are exposed as external files. I believe this may
   be a source of confusion. JSTL depends on JSP 1.2 and should
   therefore use the new TLD auto-discovery feature, which finds
   TLDs even in JAR files. I know that the overall Taglibs project
   guidelines say that the TLDs should be exposed like this, but
   the guidelines were written before JSP 1.2 was released and
   IMHO it's time to change them.
* The default URIs for all libraries still contain "ea" so they
   don't match the URIs in the Public Review spec draft. I believe
   it's time to drop the "ea" at this stage (it's Beta, not EA).

With these changes, the README.txt file could say "to install JSTL,
just copy the JAR files in the lib directory to the WEB-INF/lib
directory for your web application. To use it in your pages, just
include a taglib directive with the appropriate default URI as
the uri attribute value." That seems a lot easier than today to me ;-)

Hans Bergsten		hans@gefionsoftware.com
Gefion Software		http://www.gefionsoftware.com
JavaServer Pages	http://TheJSPBook.com

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