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From "Steve A. Olson" <Steve.Ol...@ait-inc.com>
Subject SQLTags version 0-0-1b Released
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2002 02:53:52 GMT
I apologize for posting this message twice, but I failed to send it in
"plain text" without a digital signature the first time, so here goes again.
So, if you've already read this, feel free to delete. So ...

I'd like to announce the official release of SQLTags version 0.0.1b
available now for download at http://www.sqltags.org/

SQLTags is an open source tool that is, fundamentally, a JSP tag generator
that builds a custom JSP tag for each table in your relational database.
These generated tags provide a powerful, yet easy-to-understand, tool for
rapid JSP development.  Anyone who has the need to access a relational
database from JSP will find this, at the very least, interesting.  I'm
hoping to get some constructive criticism/feedback on the concept and
implementation.  Ultimately, I'd really like to see SQLTags become an
official Jakarta "taglib",  but I guess I'll have to wait and see if it
garners a following first.

There is a pretty good first draft of the developer's guide available and
I'd really appreciate some feedback on it from the perspective of a
brand-spanking new user.  Also, there are a few well commented example pages
for Oracle and (one for) mySQL that may be a good place to get started.
We've done some limited testing on MS SQLServer and the new JDBC Driver and
it seems to work as well. We've done most of the development using NetBeans
3.3.0 (with deployment to iPlanet 4.1) and would like to hear from users of
other IDE's and deployment environments to know if there are any integration
issues.  As of this release, the Unix version of the generator looks a
little crummy but it works.  Source code can be made available via CVS
(read-only) if there is interest.  We may also make the Bugzilla database
available as well, again, depending on interest.

Please feel free to download SQLTags and shoot me an email if you have any
questions or comments.


Steve A. Olson

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