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From "Rick Sample" <Rick.Sam...@gbe.com>
Subject Parent/Child (Outer/Inner) Tags question
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 14:26:42 GMT
I am using basic parent / child tags (outer/inner tags).
Everything works fine with the below snip for a compile
time (hard code) reference to the outer tag like so:

InnerTag's doStart()
  OuterTag parent = (OuterTag) findAncestorWithClass(this, OuterTag.class);
I can get/set all the outer tags methods this way.

Now, I want to reuse my inner tags with any outer tag(s). I can
not seem to get my brain around a simple solution. Must have
eaten lead paint over the weekend!

I have read many articles and reviewed much code out here
but it is not real clear on how to do this using JSP 1.1.
Reflection the only way, some other simple solution, ?

Can someone please smack the back of head to bring it
into the light? I could use some help and examples if
anyone would be so kind.

I am using JSP 1.1 / Servlets 2.2 with Visual Age Java 3.5.3.
We will not be migrating to 1.2 in the near future.

Anyone may contact me directly. Especially if I did a bone-head
post and totally missed some obvious simple solution. I am not
expecting anyone to write my code for me. I only learn by writing
my own but like I said, I _am_ stuck!


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