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From Christopher Lenz <cml...@gmx.de>
Subject [standard] [PATCH] More EcmaScript improvements
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 19:28:19 GMT
Hi all,

Seeing that my other changes to the EcmaScript in JSTL 
support were committed, I'm sending another patch. This 
time it's a pretty complete overhaul of the way the
JavascriptExpressionEvaluator is implemented:

- Multiple scopes for script execution:
  Inspired by the tips and guidelines in the "Embedding 
  Rhino" section of the Rhino documentation, I've split 
  the execution scope for scripts into three parts: 
  Global (cached as application context attribute), 
  Page (cached as page context attribute) and 
  Local (created for every expression evaluation). 
  This improves performance because the standard 
  JavaScript objects only need to be initialized once 
  during the application lifecycle.

- Custom scope to represent the JSP PageContext:
  The Page scope mentioned above is not a standard 
  JavaScript object like the global and the local scope, 
  but rather a custom implementation of the Scriptable 
  interface which wraps around the PageContext (called 
  ScriptablePageContext). First and foremost it 
  provides access to all the attributes without having 
  to add them to the scope for every page or even every 
  evaluation (i.e. they are retrieved on request). In 
  addition, it provides access to host objects, which 
  are currently Maps of the request parameters, request
  headers, cookies and context initialization parameters.

- Separation of compilation and execution of scripts:
  Expressions are not now longer directly evaluated, but 
  rather first compiled into "Script" objects and stored 
  in a cache. This is functionaly equivalent to how the 
  SPEL Evaluator works. The caching introduces a huge 
  performance gain of course.

- Proper cleanup of Rhino contexts:
  Rhino "Context" objects are now 'closed' using the 
  Context.exit() method after Script execution. This lets 
  Rhino do the cleanup it deems necessary.

- Implementation of the validate() method:
  The EcmaScript Evaluator now implements the validation 
  method by trying to compile the expression. This also 
  puts the resulting Script object in the cache, so 
  theoretically the cache should be populated by the time 
  the page is executed. However, I couldn't get the 
  validate() method to actually get called :P

- JavascriptExpressionEvaluator now extends Evaluator
  Instead of creating an instance of the SPEL Evaluator
  for every evaluation of a literal, we can now simply
  delegate to the super-class for that task. Ideally 
  there'd be an AbstractEvaluator or something like that,
  of course.

All in all I think this implementation performs far better 
than the current simpler implementation. Most of the source
is pretty extensively commented.

The archive contains a patch for 
JavascriptExpressionEvaluator, the new 
ScriptablePageContext class and changes to the examples
webapp (ParameterAccess.jsp replaced by SpecialObjects.jsp,
which contains examples of accessing parameters, headers,
cookies and init-parameters).

What do you think?
cmlenz at gmx.de

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