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From "Tim Dawson" <tdawso...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: standard/fmt or i18n the problem is still there (was: Re: _ja file is ISO2022JP, not SJIS coded)
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2002 18:28:03 GMT

I've used WebLogic 6.1 and it seems to do the right conversion, at least for
japanese (SJIS), but that was only after I complained to them. :-)  As far
as tomcat goes, you're right - it doesn't seem to ever change the charset.

I had also been thinking of letting developers put the charset in the
bundle, but also didn't like it because the bundle is really about
programmer-data, and putting i18n-implementation data in there felt, to use
your word, like a kludge. Plus, if multiple bundles were in use, this
information would have to be replicated across all bundles.

I also agree that this is a servlet spec issue, and the charset mapping idea
for web.xml is a good solution. I've also sent in my comments to the

The web.xml mapping suggested gave me an idea - in the interim with the i18n
taglib we can use a context-param in the web.xml that the locale bundle tags
will look at when calling setLocale() - if one is found for the locale (or
just the locale's language?) it will also call setContentType(). e.g.


I should be able to put this in today if this approach is deemed acceptable.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: tagunov [mailto:tagunov@motor.ru]
> Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 5:45 AM
> To: Tim Dawson
> Subject: standard/fmt or i18n the problem is still there (was: Re: _ja
> file is ISO2022JP, not SJIS coded)
> Hello Tim!
> Glad to hear from you again :-)
> TD> thanks for the note - I've checked it in and ensured that
> it works.
> You mean "works, but not in the way I expected it to work"? ;-)
> My english-russian dictionary says that a "kludge" is a "piece of
> code or a program that works despite it shouldn't". ;-))
> TD> not that it matters to you now that you're hot on the
> trail of the standard taglib.
> TD> :-)
> Well, the problems are still there, but they are no longer yours ;-) !
> (And I'm not too hot on the standard taglib after all :)
> And the problem is that it is highly desirable to have a
> programmer-defined
>  Locale->charset mapping
> both because developers often do not like the default one and because
> all Tomcats and Weblogics do not seem to perform _any_ Locale->charset
> mapping themselves. (They all use iso-8859-1).
> Maybe I'll end up taking your (deprecated now :-) or standard/fmt
> taglib and replacing the calls to response.setLocale(locale) for
> MyUtil.setLocale(response,locale) where MyUtil will do this
> programmer-defined Locale->charset mapping.
> Jan Luehe's opinion on taglibs-dev was that such mapping is more
> appropriate in the core of the servlet spec. He recommended
> sending a proposal to jsr-154 (servlet 2.4 EG).
> I did.
> But both you and me can see that now, that's servlet 2.3 spec
> has been out for half a year already, great many people are
> still using
> servlet 2.2 and jsp 1.2 soft.
> So, 2.4 is far away. Even when it comes it will be a long time
> till it is wideley adopted. Even then some people will still use
> servlet 2.2 and 2.3 soft.
> So my opinion is that
>  1) yes, Locale->charset mapping is most appropriate
>     in the core of servlet 2.4 spec
>  2) it is a good idea to implement a temporary
>     substitute for it
> But then, standard taglib is an implementation of JSTL
> forthcoming spec. We can not expect support for
> such temporary work-around in the spec.
> Hence, two ways remain:
>  a) implement it in the going to be deprecated (your :-) i18n taglib
>  b) let everyone who needs it tailor the taglib on his own
> (See my P.S. section for a draft of this workaround I'm speaking
> about)
> >> -----Original Message-----
> >> From: tagunov [mailto:tagunov@motor.ru]
> >> Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2001 2:35 PM
> >> To: Tim Dawson
> >> Subject: _ja file is ISO2022JP, not SJIS coded
> >>
> >>
> >> Hello Tim!
> >>
> >> I have discovered that the sample bundle
> >>
> >> i18n\examples\src\org\apache\taglibs\i18n\i18n-test_ja.properties
> >>
> >> contains ISO2022JP coded text, not SJIS coded, that is why
> >> the <native2ascii encoding="SJIS".. in the build.xml
> >> japanese.encoding task does not work propelly on this file.
> Best regards,
>   Anton Tagunov     mailto:tagunov@motor.ru
> P.S. What this temporary workaround I'm speaking about could be:
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> ---------
> Jan Luehe's letter contained the following excerpt:
>   Kazuhiro Kazama wrote:
>   > ii) Some browsers uses an low-quality unicode font to
> display UTF-8
>   > encoded characters.
>   >
>   > And thus I would like to propose JSTL support multiple
> locale/multiple
>   > charset model and provide a database function to get a charset by
>   > specified locale. For example, Tomcat 4 provides
>   > org.apache.catalina.util.CharsetMapper internally for
> this purpose.
>   >
>   > But note that a locale may convined to multiple charsets.
> For example,
>   > "ja" locale is convined to one of "Shift_JIS", "ISO-2022-JP",
>   > "EUC-JP", "Windows-31J" etc. Because Shift_JIS has a difference
>   > mapping from Windows-31J, we must select one according to a Web
>   > application.
>   >
>   > Therefore it is a best solution to provide a database function to
>   > search a default charset-locale mapping and its override
> mechanism by
>   > a Web application.
>   >
>   > For example, in web.xml:
>   >     <charset-mapping>
>   >         <charset>ISO-8859-1</charset>
>   >         <locale>en</locale-type>
>   >     </charset-mapping>
>   >     <charset-mapping>
>   >         <charset>Shift_JIS</charset>
>   >         <locale>ja</locale-type>
>   >     </charset-mapping>
>   >
>   > This proposal may need more discussions in JSR-52, JSR-53
> and JSR-154
>   > experts and Apache committers.
> The idea is not that bad, and I beleive it could be implemented
> somewhere in the i18n taglib.
> My other solution was that the name of charset could be put into the
> bundle but that is not exactly the same, as in some cases the Locale
> is determined by the tags that format dates and numbers in the absense
> of a bundle (at least this is the case with standard/fmt).

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