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From Stefan Kost <s.k...@webmacher.de>
Subject Re: xsl-fo taglib
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 09:46:16 GMT
Hi James,

using fop it's like using styl plus something else. one uses a
xsl-styleshett to produce a xml-file containg of formating objects (fo
describes a pags as a set of boxes with content, the fo-processor=fop
layouts tis and exports a pdf, svg, ...). After transforming the xml to
a xml with fo, one would make a call to the fop to render the doc.

To use it I would set the jsps content type to pdf and the have
something like this
<xtags:style-fop xsl="topdf.xsl">
  ... my xml output ...

In a projed I work within we currently use the xsl taglib to produce out
html pages. we use different xsl-style-sheets to produce reports
(eliminating formfiled and navigation etc.). I already modified that
taglib, to use xalan2 api and further to cache the xsl-transformer
objects in a hashmap (this yielded 30% speed increase !). We now thing
about to use fo for the reports as a on-the-fly generated pdf is much
easier to print and has more possibillities for e.g. graphs.

to the apache fop. Its written in 100% java, so we can instaciate the
fop directly (no need for a servlet). The object-instance can be reused,
once the job is done.

> Hi Stefan
> I'm not too up on apache-fop. What kind of changes would be required to
> support it? e.g. is it a minor patch to the <xtags:style> tag or is it a
> whole new tag. If fop was used to produce PDFs then shouldn't that be done
> by a single servlet (a little like the recent discussion on Images) rather
> than output as part of a JSP page?
> James
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Stefan Kost" <s.kost@webmacher.de>
> To: <taglibs-dev@jakarta.apache.org>
> Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 12:30 PM
> Subject: xsl-fo taglib
> > hi,
> >
> > month ago I posted changes to the xsl-taglib (speedup + adaption to
> > xerces2.0), which passed unnoticed. the question is the taglib
> > unmaintained? It looks like xtags provides the functionalitty of the
> > original one as a subset.
> > I am writing because I would like to have something like xsl:apply (or
> > xtags:style) for xsl-fo using apache fop. of couse I would try to
> > implement that myself.
> > Please tell me your opinios at which place (which taglib) you consider
> > this most appropriate.
> >
> > Stefan


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