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From Shawn Bayern <bay...@essentially.net>
Subject Re: [JSPTL] Left-side expressions
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2001 17:11:59 GMT
Dmitri --

Thanks for the note.  The idea of supporting lvalues in an expression has
come up in the past, but I think it's accurate to say we're still
undecided on its general applicability.  Two related thoughts:

* A final expression language might be able to implement an assignment
  itself through an expression, thus potentially obviating the need
  for explicit lvalue retrieval via a public method.  (E.g., an
  "expression" could be "a = b".)

* Assignment can potentially be handled in a manner similar to what's
  supported by <jsp:setProperty>:  that is, an object could be retrieved
  and a property assigned based on JavaBean-style setXXX() methods.
  This would support only a particular kind of assignment (namely, to
  JavaBean-style properties).

I'm curious if either of these options would be convenient in the
application you're working on.  I think it's definitely still a
possibility that we'd simply expose an assignment mechanism, as you
suggest.  Keep in mind that for the moment, I believe the plan, either
way, is to make this functionality available only through the RI -- the
JSTL spec will not contain public hooks to the expression language.


On Fri, 16 Nov 2001, Dmitri Plotnikov wrote:

> As I was working on a simple library that generates
> HTML Form tags in a JSPTL-compatible fashion, I ran
> into an interesting problem.
> I am using expressions to populate form elements like
> text, checkbox etc.  For example, the text tag looks
> like this:
> <mytl:text name="street" value="address/street"/>
> This generates an HTML "input" tag.
> When the POST containing user input for "street" comes
> back to the server, I map it back to the expression
> that was used to populate it - "address/street" - and
> want to update the value, this time interpreting the
> expression as a left-side expression.
> That's where I run into this problem:
> ExpressionEvaluator only understands the right-side
> expressions. It can retrieve values, but it cannot
> store them.  It does not have any API for left-side
> expressions.  For example, a method like 
>    assign(String lExpression, Object value)
> would be very helpful.  If this method were available,
> I would be able to use Expression Evaluators to both
> read and write data.
> At least one of the expression language interpreters
> bundled with JSPTL (JXPath) already supports this
> notion.  So, as a workaround, I temporarily hacked a
> way around ExpressionEvaluator to talk directly to
> JXPath.  This, of course, is a very disappointing
> architectural solution, because it constrains the
> users of my tag library to a single expression
> language (XPath), which may not be the one the JSR-52
> group chooses as the default one. In fact, I don't
> think it should be the default one: XPath is only a
> natural choice if you are working with XML or a mix of
> XML and Java objects. 
> BTW, I am very excited about this integration I am
> working on - the flexibility of JSPTL logic tags
> combined with a simple Form builder and POST-processor
> almost makes a complete solution for simple
> transaction-oriented applications.
> Thanks,
> Dmitri Plotnikov
> dmitri@plotnix.com
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