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From "Matthew Pangaro" <mpang...@lokitech.com>
Subject DBTags Issue
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 22:25:13 GMT
I'm new to the list today, but why not jump right in.

I was trying to use the DBTags with Resin-CMP 1.0.4, and came across a
problem using the ResultSet and BaseGetter combination. The BaseGetter is
releasing the tag instance in doEndTag, which resets all of the
initialization data for the next re-use of the tag, but within the generated
code, this leaves the position or column name unset for the next iteration
of the loop. Thus, I was getting NullPointerException any time my ResultSet
tag tried to return more than one record. It seems like the release of local
tag instances should be happening in the generated servlet (it is in Resin),
and not in the tag itself.

Anyway, I've made the change and built it for my dev environment, and it
seems to work, although I'm not doing any rigorous regression testing. The
diff is attached, if it proves useful.

Matt Pangaro
Loki Technologies

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