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From "Nick Pellow" <n...@cortexebusiness.com.au>
Subject dbtags: getColumn tag
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 01:44:45 GMT
I read in the doco that:
  1.. Write the column value, as a String, to a page attribute via the "to"
attribute. If you want, you may optionally assign a scope other than "page"
with the "scope" attribute. If the database column is null, the getColumn
tag will not create an attribute. Here's a getColumn tag that creates an
Integer request attribute:

<%-- Note that the request attribute will be a String --%>
<sql:getColumn position="1" to="someId" scope="request"/>

Is there a reason why the value could not be put into the request
as an Object instead of a String. I think the last line in the doco
is a little confusing by saying that an Integer request attribute is
when in fact, "the request attribute will be a String".


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