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From Pierre Delisle <pierre.deli...@sun.com>
Subject Re: [JSPTL] JXPath as yet another expression language
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 23:44:59 GMT

Thanks for your interest in JSPTL. We've setup the Early Access to 
get feedback from the community and I appreciate you taking the time
to provide us with such input.

With respect to the positioning of JXPath as an expression language for
JSPTL, Shawn has provided an accurate answer in his reply.

Moreover, now that we've got you interested in the topic, I'd like 
to propose that we add JXPath in the JSPTL RI as another instance of an 
expression language for experimentation during our EA program.
[Shawn will look into the modification of the JSPTL build process to 
integrate JXPath.] 

XPath would then be available under the following flavors in jakarta-taglibs:

   - JPath (Scott's implementation of XPath as an EL for JSPTL)
   - JXPath (Dmitri's "soon to be integrated" implementation of XPath as an EL for JSPTL)
   - XTags (James implementation of XPath/XSLT via custom tags)

My hope is that such "abundance" will generate enough feedback from the 
community to help the 052 Expert Group decide what is the best way to 
integrate XPath within JSPTL.


    -- Pierre

Shawn Bayern wrote:
> On Sat, 8 Sep 2001, Dmitri Plotnikov wrote:
> > Even with this simplistic implementation, I was able to use XPaths with all
> > JSPTL tags.
> >
> > Very exciting!
> Yes, XPath has come up in JSPTL Expert-Group discussions as a potential
> expression language to support in JSPTL.  It's not universally accepted as
> the best choice for this purpose, but it's definitely one of the prominent
> candidates.
> > Question: if we were to add JXPath as yet another expression language
> > to JSPTL, where would the source code belong?  I don't think we should
> > introduce dependencies between the JSPTL and JXPath projects.  JXPath
> > is in commons; it should not depend on anything except commons itself
> > as commons is supposed to be the foundation for the whole project.
> > OTOH, JSPTL is becoming a standard, therefore it should be easily
> > separable from the rest of Jakarta. Or are these assumptions
> > incorrect?
> My take on this, unofficially, is that the JSPTL standard would specify a
> particular language, which might be a subset of or reference to XPath.
> The JSPTL reference implementation could then use JXPath if JXPath ends up
> being suitable as a full or partial implementation of the JSPTL
> specification's expression language.
> The only dependencies, in other words, will be at the reference-
> implementation level.  To my understanding, this is fine assuming that the
> end result is convenient for end users and fully implements the standard.
> But there are folks more knowledgeable about JCP processes and who can
> speak more authoritatively on the matter.  This is just my current,
> personal understanding.
> Shawn Bayern
> (JSPTL reference-implementation lead)

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