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From Glenn Nielsen <gl...@voyager.apg.more.net>
Subject Re: DBTags updated to new build
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2001 00:47:37 GMT
I tested the jakarta-taglibs build on the system which does the 
nightly builds and the build worked fine.

These sound like some valuable additions to the build.

You might consider looking at 
to see if it needs to be updated for any changes you made.

Thanks Morgan!

Morgan Delagrange wrote:
> Well, I finally updated DBTags to the new build.
> Whew!  Since DBTags has more docs than the other
> taglibs, I had to do a little development first.
> I created a DTD describing our XML for building docs
> and TLDs.  Unfortunately, the XML out there wasn't
> really possible to document, so I wrote a schema
> that's easier to validate.  The main change in the new
> DTD is that "requirements" and "overviews" are either
> PCDATA or loaded by the stylesheet as an external
> XHTML URI.  I made some changes to the stylesheet to
> support this functionality and also to add some
> logical defaults for optional elements.
> Also, DBTags has structured documentation that goes
> beyond the "overview" level.  So I added a new element
> to the DTD called "documenation".  Documentation
> includes further docs on the taglib (either as PCDATA
> or an external XHTML URI) and also includes an
> optional table of contents that is appended to the
> main TOC.  Feel free to make use of this new element.
> I haven't actually validated my XML against the new
> DTD yet, so there may be a few errors.  I plan to do
> so soon.  All of the current XML out there should work
> with our stylesheet, but if you want to convert your
> XML docs to the new DTD, feel free.  It should be
> pretty painless.  And loading the documentation,
> requirements, etc. as external docs should actually be
> an advantage in the long run.
> Let me know if anything breaks!
> - Morgan
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