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From Pierre Delisle <pierre.deli...@sun.com>
Subject reviewing new taglib submissions
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2001 21:47:39 GMT
Thanks to the leadership of Glenn, jakarta-taglibs
is now a much better organized project.

One aspect that I think we could still improve on though 
is how we review new taglib submissions.

For example, on July 23, Richard Friedman has submitted
a printing taglib for review. I have not yet seen any comment
on the list on its suitability for jakarta-taglibs.

It can either be that:
   - no one on the list has a real interest in a printing taglib
   - no one has had any time to review it as of yet

I think that our community owes at least one honest review
of any taglib submission, and ideally in a reasonable timeframe.

I therefore think that there should at least be one or two
committers on the list responsible for making sure that the
evaluation of any proposal is carried appropriately.
(e.g. if no proper evaluation has been performed
by someone in the community within 2 weeks of submission, 
the person(s) responsible would make sure to do the evaluation 

I don't mind doing it now, until someone else volunteers :-)

I've had a look at Richard's taglib and will send 
some comments in an upcoming email.

    -- Pierre

BTW, I'm scratching this itch right now because I'll be
proposing a new taglib shortly, and I'd feel bad if mine
would shadow any prior proposal...

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