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From morg...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/latka-taglib/xml description.html latka-taglib.xml
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2001 19:33:13 GMT
morgand     01/08/27 12:33:13

  Added:       latka-taglib/xml description.html latka-taglib.xml
  added tld files
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/latka-taglib/xml/description.html
  Index: description.html
  <span id="description">
      <P>Description of Latka goes here.</P>
  1.1                  jakarta-taglibs-sandbox/latka-taglib/xml/latka-taglib.xml
  Index: latka-taglib.xml
  <?xml version="1.0" ?>
  <!DOCTYPE document SYSTEM "../../../jakarta-taglibs/src/taglib/taglib-doc.dtd">
  <!-- Change all instances of application with the jakarta-taglib 
       name for this tag library.
       Change all instances of Application with the name to use
       for things such as titles in the tag library documentation.
       Change all instances of {your-name} with your name for
       for things such as author name in the tag library documentation.
       Change <prefix>foo</prefix> below to a short prefix for this
       tag library.
  <document url="./latka-taglib.xml">
  <!-- More properties can be added.  Good place to stick loose
       data needed elsewhere. -->
    <!-- The title here overrides the title generated by the 
         stylesheet for the documentation HTML <title> tag
    <title>Jakarta Project: Latka JSP Tag Library</title>
    <!-- The name here is used in the HTML <meta name="author"...> tag -->
    <author>Morgan Delagrange</author>
  <!-- The following defines elements uses both to create the taglib
       documentation and the tag library descriptor .tld file.  The
       elements used are those from the JSP 1.2 TLD DTD and special
       elements used when creating the tagib documentation.  Although
       the JSP1.2 TLD DTD is used, this document can be used to
       generate both a JSP 1.1 and a JSP 1.2 TLD.
    <!-- The following elements are from the JSP 1.2 TLD DTD -->
    <!-- Version number of this tagib -->
    <!-- Minimum version of JSP spec required -->
    <!-- jakarta-taglib name of this tag library -->
    <short-name>Latka tag library</short-name>
    <!-- URI of taglib -->
    <!-- The name to use in titles, etc. for the taglib -->
    <display-name>Latka Tag library (Pre Beta)</display-name>
    <description uri="../../latka-taglib/xml/description.html"/>
    <!-- The taglib-location is used to fill in the web.xml configuration
         information in the HTML doc. -->
    <!-- The prefix is used to fill in the taglib directive
         configuration information in the HTML doc. -->
    <!-- This element must be straight text and is copied right into
         the "Requirements" section of the HTML doc. -->
    <requirements-info uri="../../latka-taglib/xml/requirements.html"/>
    <tagtoc name="Latka Tags">
          Execute a suite.
            Name of the test file.  If ommitted, test will be read from the tag body.
  <!-- use just the file name; all suites will be in the same directory 
       (or relative to the base test directory?) -->
  <latka:executeSuite testFile="TestSubscription.xml"/>

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