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From Joe Maisel <Joe.Mai...@viacore.net>
Subject RE: new tags
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2001 20:37:39 GMT


I have a site set up on my linux box at home, but I just moved, so my DSL
isn't up yet...  8(  I will see if I can coax one of my pals to hosting it
temporarily.  One of them is already doing the DNS hosting anyway.  I have
checked out the XTags stuff, but it's a very simple implementation, and
conceptually different than what I have done.  I work for a b2b exchange,
and there's alot of xml stuff going on around here, so I've been digging
into optimizing xslt and xml for quite a while.  

The thing to remember here too is that you're not locked into xslt with my
code.  You can use any language built on top of xml (xhtml, wml) without
doing a translation.  I wanted to make it as designer friendly as possible,
but not give up the advantages of xslt (which isn't really very designer
friendly IMHO).  I will probably have a site up in a day or two, but if you
(or anyone else) is interested I can email you a war file directly.  There
is a slight tweak needed to get it running in tomcat (because of tomcat
using parser.jar internally).  Let me know which servlet engine you're using
(if it's not tomcat), and I'll send specific setup directions if need be.
As soon as the site is up on my pals box, I'll send out a message to the


Joe Maisel

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