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From "Ciot, Thierry" <thierry.c...@compuware.com>
Subject RE: RE: DBTags and scrollable result sets
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2001 14:58:22 GMT

Could you add a protected method in the Statement classes to let subclasses
specify a statement?

In the current StatementImplTag class that would amount to:

   * Let subclass redefine how to create the statement
  protected Statement createStatement ( Connection theConnection ) throws
    return theConnection.createStatement();

That way, we can create extensions to your tag library by simple derivation.

Thanks, Thierry.

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From: Morgan Delagrange [mailto:mdelagra@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2001 1:30 PM
To: thierry.ciot@compuware.com; taglibs-dev@jakarta.apache.org
Subject: Re: RE: DBTags and scrollable result sets

Yes it definitely sounds good!

Ciot, Thierry wrote on 7/24/01 8:49 am:

>I would think it is a very useful feature.  Right now I am looking at how 
>to display rows using a "paging" mechanism (that is, for example, 10 rows 
>at a time).
>How would you go about doing this with the current tag lib?
>With scrollable record set we could have something like:
><jdbc:connection id="conn1">
><jdbc:statement id="stmt1" conn="conn1">
>  <jdbc:query><%= query %></jdbc:query>
>  <jdbc:resultSet id="myRS" loop="true" beginat="20" endat="30">
>         <td><jdbc:getColumn position="3"/></td>
><td><jdbc:getColumn position="1"/></td>
>         </tr>
>  </jdbc:resultSet>
>What do you think?
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>From: Morgan Delagrange [mailto:morgan24@rcnchicag
> >o.com] Sent: Monday, July 23, 2001 12:05 AM
>To: {thierry.ciot@compuware.co
>m; taglibs-
>dev@jakarta.apache.org Subject: Re: DBTags and scrollable result sets
>Ciot, Thierry wrote on 7/20/01 2:38 pm:
>>Is there any plan to add scrollable result sets
>>in DBTags?
>>Thanks, Thierry.
>Nothing definite.  :)  That specific feature hasn't actually come up as of 
>yet, but it does sound like a good one.

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