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From Glenn Nielsen <gl...@voyager.apg.more.net>
Subject Re: String taglib proposal
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2001 15:30:11 GMT
Hi Bayard,

I will echo James recommendation that the string actions be broken out
into individual tags.  From a java code view, reuse is good.  But from
the view of the JSP page author it would be better if the actions were
separate tags for two reasons:

1.  If you edit JSP files using an editor, there is less typing to use
    individual tags vs one tag with the action attribute.

2.  If you use a tool like NetBeans to develop jsp pages it will be
    easier for the page author to use the individual tags in
    NetBeans rather than one tag with 30 different action attribute
    values.  NetBeans will know about the 30 tags, but won't know
    anything about the 30 action attribute values.

Thanks for offering to contribute this to jakarta-taglibs.
I can see uses for a string taglib.

I am sure one of the taglibs committers would be happy to review
the string taglib once you have it ready.  Just post a URL where
the source can be downloaded as a zip or tar.gz.



James Strachan wrote:
> Hi Bayard
> From: <bayard@generationjava.com>
> >
> > 1) Does this seem to be of use? I would love to submit the code to Jakarta
> > Taglibs.
> Yes I think so.
> Though already we've a regexp taglib and a scrape taglib for doing search
> and replace kind of things so its worth looking at those to see if there's
> some similarity or cross over.
> > 2) What are the views on my use of an action attribute. Is it sick and
> > wrong?
> It sure makes it easier to write a taglib if you reuse the same tag class,
> though for an end user I prefer 1 tag per action.
> e.g.
> <string:capitalise>word</string:capitalise> => Word
> Also then the TLD can describe that <string:capitalise> takes no attributes
> for validation, whereas
> <string:replace replace="fred" with="bob">Hello fred</string:replace> =>
> Hello bob
> requires at least one attribute "replace" with an optional "with" attribute.
> > 3) What's the best way to document this to show all the functionality? Due
> > to the action attribute my tld is pretty simple. However the String
> > library's JavaDoc doesn't really fit the bill. Should I create a html page
> > that follows the general documentation l&f of the jakarta pages?
> You could try mention a few tags in an email, like you did with 'replace'
> and 'capitalise' and we can take it from there. Even just the capitalise /
> decapitalise / toUpperCase / toLowerCase tags would be useful. What else
> have you got?
> > 4) Should I stop wasting everyone's time? :)
> Not at all. I'm sure there is a need for more text / string manipulation
> tags.
> JAmes
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