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From "James Strachan" <james_strac...@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Stop sending GUMP build failure emails to taglibs-dev
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2001 08:56:00 GMT
-1 for the same reasons Morgan mentions.

I find the GUMP warnings useful also - though it would be great if we could
get GUMP to continue building all the taglibs and report all failures rather
than stopping on the first one.

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From: "Morgan Delagrange" <morgan24@rcnchicago.com>
To: <glenn@voyager.apg.more.net>; <taglibs-dev@jakarta.apache.org>
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2001 7:07 AM
Subject: Re: [VOTE] Stop sending GUMP build failure emails to taglibs-dev

-1 for now.  I have to agree with Ted.  IMO the GUMP messages are at worst
harmless and potentially beneficial.  (Unless there is some issue I am not
seeing, which is certainly possible.)  BTW GUMP would be somewhat more
effectried if it tried to build all the Taglibs rather than haltinq on the

Glenn Nielsen wrote on 7/30/01 9:39 pm:

>I propose that the GUMP
>build failure emails stop
>being sent to taglibs-dev.
>Posting those messages give
>the impression that the
>jakarta-taglibs build is
>broken, when it isn't.
>For those who are
>interested, they can view
>them at:
>+1 Stop sending GUMP build
>failures to taglibs-dev
>Ted Husted wrote:
>> Perhaps it would help to
>view GUMP as an early-
>warning system. As it
>stands, there is a heads-up
>that there will be issues when
>Ant 1.4 is  released. Knowing
>this, a developer has the
>option to fix them sooner,
>or just wait for the release.
>It's also bidirectional, in that
>it can  give the Ant
>developers a heads-up about
>how many things they are
>about  to break ;-)
>> Testing against the latest
>releases may not reveal as
>much, since the  developers
>and users are already
>building their own projects
>from these.
>> But as Sam says, if the
>Taglibs Committers vote to
>be taken off the  list, that's
>their perogative.
>> -Ted.
>> Glenn Nielsen wrote:
>> >
>> > Sam,
>> >
>> > We went through a
>discussion before about
>GUMP enforcing/notifying
>> > projects about
>compliance with the latest
>releases from other projects
>> > and not using deprecated
>> >
>> > But ant 1.4 has not been
>released yet.  I don't see any
>reason for
>> > the jakarta-taglibs build
>to comply with ant 1.4 at this
>time.  I think
>> > asking it to is
>unreasonable.  If GUMP
>needs to test the version of
>> > under development, fine.
>But the jakarta-taglibs
>project would benefit
>> > more if GUMP used the
>current release version of
>ant when doing the
>> > test build of jakarta-
>> >
>> > Once ant1.4 is released
>we can convert jakarta-
>taglibs over to use it.
>> > I see no reason to do so
>before ant1.4 is released.
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