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From Morgan Delagrange <morg...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Work on DBTags and XSL, release 2, and etcetera
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2001 18:20:13 GMT
I think the issue of one or two tag libraries is pretty moot, now that we
can communicate changes via the news section (and of course the mailing
lists).  If you'd prefer to deprecate the XSL taglib and build out XTags,
I'm cool with that, as long as the code is relatively clean; we want to
encourage ppl to contribute even if the XPath is not interesting to them
(and, of course, vice versa)!

I'd be nice to work on a taglib where I'm not the sole maintainer.  :)

- Morgan

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, James Strachan wrote:

> Hi Morgan
> From: "Morgan Delagrange" <morgand@apache.org>
> > > The <xtags:style> tag is dependent on both DOM and dom4j as the XPath
> tags
> > > can be used to select a fragment of a document to be styled via XSLT or
> the
> > > tag can take dom4j or DOM objects as the source (or stylesheet) to be
> styled
> > > via JAXP.
> >
> > All that sounds like useful functionality for the basic XSL tags as
> > well.  That's why I want to avoid two sets of classes.  (XTags does this
> > but not that, XSL does that but not this.)
> If the dependence on dom4j and DOM is not an issue right now, I'd love us to
> combine our efforts into a single library.
> So lets do it. If the dependency ever becomes a real issue we can revisit
> this decision. I'm sure there are ways to at least minimise the dependency.
> > > So the <xtags:style> tag has both compile time and runtime dependencies
> on
> > > both the DOM interfaces and the dom4j interfaces.
> >
> > I don't think I have a problem with adding that to XSL, if that's what it
> > takes to bring the implementations together.
> Cool.
> >
> > > If this isn't a problem we could share the same code across both XTags
> and
> > > XSL - it could be the same library just with 2 TLDs or something.
> >
> > Sure, that's what I think is best.
> So either we have a single taglib or we share the same code over 2 TLDs,
> 'just XSL'  or 'XSL + XPath'.
> Which would you prefer? For simplicity and consolidation (just 1 web page, 1
> set of documentation, 1 TLD and so on) I'd prefer one library though I could
> be persuaded either way.
> > I'd like to peek at it and see if it's possible to remove non-JAXP
> > dependencies at runtime (don't care about compile-time); other project
> > have managed similar tricks.  But if it's prohibitive, I'm willing to
> > increase the XSL dependencies in order to remove the duplication of
> > effort.
> I think its prohibitive right now but something we could address in the
> future.
> > I'm still inclined to not release rel2 if we can't bring the
> > XSL implementations together; deprecation is a better option.  If we can
> > bring them together, then great; if not, I don't really want
> > to be working on the same classes as you.  Seems wasteful.  I'd rather
> > have two guys working on one lib then two guys working on two.  :(
> >
> > This reminds me of when Jakarta released ORO.  There was not a lot of info
> > on what the advantages/disadvantages were between ORO and Regexp, and it
> > just left me cold as a user.  I'd like to avoid that here if possible,
> > even if that means shelving a new XSL release.
> I'm now in total agreement. Lets not worry about the dom4j and DOM
> dependencies right now. There will be ways to minimise those later.
> Lets share & combine our efforts. Its just a question now of is it one tag
> library or one code base with a 2 TLDs, a 'just XSLT' and a 'XSLT + XPath'
> James
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