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From Sean Rohead <SRoh...@webmiles.com>
Subject Another suggestion for DBTags
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2001 18:07:45 GMT
I like the tags for getting data from a result set (getColumn, getDate,
etc...), but it doesn't seem like these tags should be doing any formatting.
Rather, a set of general purpose tags for formatting dates and numbers need
to be written and these tags can enclose the result of getDate.  There are
lots of cases where I want to format dates and numbers and putting this
functionality in the dbtags means that functionality is *only* available
when iterating over result sets -- bad.  I'm thinking of something like:

<sql:resultSet id="results">
  <format:date style="SHORT"><sql:getDate position="1"/></format:date>

instead of

<sql:resultSet id="results">
  <sql:getDate format="SHORT" position="1"/>

Yes, it's more verbose, but far more flexible.

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