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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <ge...@optonline.net>
Subject Re: [GUMP] Build Failure - Taglibs
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 15:36:50 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:
> Glenn Nielson wrote:
> > GUMP does a verification that jakarta projects build, but doesn't honor their
> > API version dependencies?  Isn't that a bit draconian?  Is this something
> > you decided, or is this a position of the Jakarta PMC?
> Gump does a verification that the jakarta projects build with the latest
> versions of their dependencies.
> This is an initiative I have undertaken.  Every member of the PMC is aware
> of this, and many have encouraged me to be *MORE* draconian, but I have
> elected to be a bit more reserved.  In this case, I only started alerting
> on Xalan1 dependencies at the point when Xalan1 is going out of service.

I'll jump in here : I am a PMC member, know about GUMP, support it 100%,
and note that there are no 'requirements' for Jakarta projects regarding
GUMP.  It's simply a service, pretty much run by Sam and as far as I can
tell, is supported and respected with near uninamity by everyone it

'All' it does is tell you :

1) You broke something.
2) Someone else broke something.
3) Something that you depend on has changed, and you will have to deal
with it at some point.

I have been the beneficiary of all three of these indications.

There are projects that ignore the messages from gump - some with good
reason, some not.

The beauty is that there is no agenda or judgment to gump.  It does what
it does -  Pay attention to it or ignore it.  Your choice...

Further (and I have been through this thought experiment), there is no
use in asking GUMP to honor dependencies.  Well, maybe a little - if you
want to automatically ensure that CVS HEAD will build or something, but
you should be able to do that with an ant script at home.

However, the default 'all HEAD' approach is very valuable - it's an
early (or late :) warning system.

> Note: I personally have a serious problem with each project independently
> making version dependency choices, as all too often the end result is that
> it simply is not possible to deploy a solution containing multiple Jakarta
> projects.


> > Perhaps verifying that jakarta projects build and policing use of deprecated
> > API's should be separate things.
> Gump does the verification against deprecated APIs.  Much as I dislike the
> notion of a project having an strong dependency on an specific version of
> another product, if someone wants to verify that dependency, they certainly
> are free to do so - separately.
> > Posting a long GUMP build failure to tablibs-dev every day due to GUMP not
> > honoring API dependicies doesn't solve anything, and when it fails doesn't
> > finish verifying the normal jakarta-taglibs build process.

Actually, it does.  It acts as a constant reminder that your users (or
you, if you are a user) are going to have to address whatever issues
that GUMP finds (modulo GUMP misconfiguration...), because as Sam points
out, deployment in real life makes a big mix of things, so there may be
conflicting version requirements. 

Again - you can ignore if you want.  There is no policy that says that
you have to adhere to what GUMP is showing you.  You may have good
reason for ignoring it. 

But the reminder is there.


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