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From Michael Amster <mams...@webeasy.com>
Subject TagLibraryValidator class and the JSP 1.2 API
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2001 07:19:32 GMT

I have been reviewing the public release 2 of the JSP 1.2 API and have
run into a problem with the TagLibraryValidator class.  It seems like
there is no way to access this class from within the API.  Since this
would be read in at the same time as the TLD, it would seem natural to
add something like a getTagLibraryValidator method to TagLibraryInfo.  I
notice that Tomcat 4.x does this, but what about other vendors who wish
to support the 1.2 API.

I have similar questions about the PageData object and the API.  Since
the creation of the XML representation of a JSP page occurs at
translation time, there seems to be no standard way of getting a
PageData representation of the XML stream.  This is less troublesome
because the JSP Generation and validation should probably happen
immediately after one another.  Is there any documented event stream
(i.e. is validation mandatory or optional for a page with taglibs?)

If I am missing something, please let me know.  Sorry to barge in late
on this discussion, but the archives did not seem to cover this in a
non-Tomcat context.


Michael Amster              mamster@webeasy.com
1416 2nd Street             Tel: 310.576.0770
Santa Monica, CA 90401      Fax: 310.576.2011

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