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From Rich Catlett <r...@more.net>
Subject A new taglib for submission
Date Fri, 11 May 2001 19:40:11 GMT
I wrote a new taglib that does random number and random string generation.
It works that when you put the tag into the page it sets a generator for
the random string or number into the page scope, and then subsequent calls
to the jsp:getProperty tag return a new randomly created string or number.
For the random number you can set the range.  For the random string you
can set the length of the string the charset to choose from when creating
the random string which defaults to a-zA-Z0-9.  It is possible to set the
charset to any of the characters on a keyboard.  The final thing you can
set for the random string is the name of a hashmap that already exists,
the generator will then check the new randomly generated strings against
the keys in the hashmap to make sure each string is unique.  A zip file is

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