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From Takashi Okamoto <toran...@kun.ne.jp>
Subject [PATCH] I18N for Input tag
Date Wed, 16 May 2001 22:06:42 GMT
Hi, there!

At present, Input tag supports only iso-8859-1 encoding.
Unfortunately, we ( Japanese,Chinese,Korean..., a lot of people who
use other than iso-8859-1 encoding) can't use input tag.
I attached a patch that resolve this international problem. 

You may write following code with text and textarea tags by this patch:

<%@ page contentType="text/html;charset=Shift_JIS" %>

<input:text name="username" default="<Your Name>" encoding="Shift_JIS" />
<input:textare name="message" default="<Your Message>" encoding="Shift_JIS" />

I just added encoding attribute for text and textarea tags. You can
specify your encoding by it. And the encoding attribute is
optional. When you remove it, input tag treate request parameter as
iso-8859-1 encoding, and it will compatible with current version.

BTW, I found JSR-52: "A Standard Tag Library for Java Server Pages" 
I guess Jakarta-Taglibs are RI for JSR-52 like tomcat. Is it right?

 ^^  	Takashi Okamoto   <tora at debian.org>
= ..=	Debian Developer  http://www.debian.org/
 -o-	  Key fingerprint:
	    8B37 1FE6 76B2 7BA6 D59A  9BF7 E7F4 46C8 5293 6E17

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