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From Glenn Nielsen <gl...@voyager.apg.more.net>
Subject Re: Versioned releases
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 01:45:14 GMT

Thanks again for taking the lead on this. :-)

My personal preference would be for the releases to be a .zip file instead
of a jar.  I think this would avoid confusion about the contents.

Also, there should be a document somewhere, perhaps a 
that lists the released tag libraries and documents in general what
they contain and how to use them.

Then we could add a link on the main Jakarta-taglibs page which points
to the release page and to each individual taglib page.

Will you be adding a technical section to the HOWTO_RELEASE document
about what files are needed, what they are for, how to update news, 
do a release, etc.?

Once we have this process down, I am eager to get official releases
done of the taglibs I am responsible for.

Oh, could the main taglibs page news section where you put the [taglib]
be a link to the taglib itself.  That will make it easier for someone
if the see an interesting news item to go directly to the relevant

BTW, thanks for changing the background color of the news items on the
main taglibs page.  Will you be doing the same for the individual taglib
news section, like DbTags?



Morgan Delagrange wrote:
> Did anybody get a look at this?  Comments?  If everything is OK, I'd like
> to vote to make DBTags 1.0 public.
> - Morgan
> On Tue, 8 May 2001, Morgan Delagrange wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'm starting to get geared up for versioned releases.  I set up a
> > directory at:
> >
> >   http://jakarta.apache.org/builds/jakarta-taglibs/releases/
> >
> > and built a release candidate for DBTags.  You may want to review it and
> > see if the format  makes sense.  We should also consider whether or not
> > it's worthwhile to do source distributions like some other Jakarta
> > projects.
> >
> > - Morgan
> >
> >
> >

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