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From Pierre Delisle <pierre.deli...@sun.com>
Subject Re: taglibs sandbox?
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 16:31:57 GMT

James Strachan wrote:
> I've been taking a closer look at the Jakarta Commons project recently (well
> worth a look!) and thought that the taglibs project could use a similar
> structure.
> http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/index.html
> The commons project consists of
> * Commons Proper: a repository of ready to use components.
> * Directory: a catalog of components
> * Sandbox: a workspace for component development
> The Sandbox sounded a particularly good idea. The way it works in Commons
> project is that any committer can ask for commit access to the sandbox area
> and use it as a development area. Then when the code is ready for prime time
> it can be voted on and moved into the Commons Proper.
> I was thinking it might be a good idea to have the same thing in the taglibs
> project. The sandbox area would be useful for developers of taglibs. It
> would allow us to experiment a little and create new taglibs (possilbly
> collectively) then when they are ready, vote to have them 'released' into
> the 'proper' area. It would also mean we could move some of the cruft into
> the sandbox, leaving only the useful, ready for prime time taglibs in the
> 'proper' area.
> Once the overnight build process is upgraded a little to work with the
> online Tomcat installation we could have an online demo of all the taglibs
> in both the proper area and the sandbox area. This would make the job of
> evaluating new taglibs easier - people will be able to just click on a URL
> and browse the documentation, Javadoc, run the examples and look at the JSP
> code.
> Thoughts?


jakarta-taglibs is getting busier and this is great.

This however also means we need to get better organized. I was hoping to have 
some time to help with this, but until JavaOne I'm in thin air.

In a previous email I had proposed a dashboard. Going with proper, directory, and
sandbox is along the same line, and it is probably a good think to align with
the work being done in commons.

I'm all behind it...

    -- Pierre

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