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From Morgan Delagrange <morg...@apache.org>
Subject XSL transform tags refactoring
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2001 18:21:02 GMT
Hi all,

I checked in a very preliminary version of some new XSL transform tags in
the repository on the "rel2" branch.  The build script doesn't really work
yet; you'll need jaxp to compile it.

It has new syntax compared to the current XSL tag library (see the example
JSP for now, until the docs are ready.)  It is based
on TraX, so it should be pluggable with any trax parser.  Right now it
does simple transformations based on URIs, Readers, InputStreams, Strings 
and/or tag bodies.  

However, since it's based on TraX, it should be possible to also work with
DOMs and possibly SAX events.  Also, we can take advantage of other nice
TraX features, like configurable output properties.  

I ripped out some features, like stylesheet caching, in this version to
make the TraX conversion simpler.  In a follow-up email, I'm going to
nominate Rod Waldhoff as a committer, since he actually designed this tag
library and I mostly just ported it to TraX.

- Morgan

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