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From "Mike Cannon-Brookes" <mcan...@internet.com>
Subject Why? RE: logging tags (was Re: [PROPOSAL] Simple benchmarking taglib)
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2001 12:24:51 GMT
Out of interest (I know Joe's library is already Open Source) why replicate
effort that's already been written and debugged?


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> From: James Strachan [mailto:james_strachan@yahoo.co.uk]
> Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2001 7:31 PM
> To: taglibs-dev@jakarta.apache.org
> Subject: logging tags (was Re: [PROPOSAL] Simple benchmarking taglib)
> From: "Shawn Bayern" <bayern@essentially.net>
> > I figured a simple 'benchmark' tag library
> > would aid performance testing of other tag libraries, so I wrote up a
> > relatively simple one.
> I think its a great idea!
> While we're on the subject of 'developer tool tags' I think a general
> logging & tracing tag library would be useful in jakarta-taglibs
> - something
> along the lines of log4j allowing various categories and levels of logging
> which can be configured & turned on and off at runtime.
> Then we could put all the benchmarking messages inside the log tags so we
> can turn them on and off while the system is running using the same
> mechanism we use for logging, tracing, debugging output & errors. Also we
> can use log4j's various adapters to write benchmark, logging and tracing
> output to files, databases, JMS and the like.
> Joseph B. Ottinger has a nice looking log4j library here:-
> http://www.epesh.com/logtags.jsp
> It would be nice to have something like this in the
> jakarta-taglibs project.
> Whenever we're particularly worried about performance (e.g. if
> we're using a
> web service or querying some remote resource such as a database
> or website)
> we may wish to turn on the benchmarking. Some kind of alert
> mechanism might
> be a good addition - if a remote operation takes over a specified
> amount of
> time to log some warning message.
> The same logging mechanism could be used for 'semantic logging' for
> click-stream analysis and hooks into personalisation engines and
> the like...
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