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From Dylan Parker <dy...@mindstech.com>
Subject General TAGLIB Question.
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2001 00:36:30 GMT
Hello, all.

I recently downloaded a version of the XSL Taglib and am using it
within Weblogic.

It's very nice. Thanks! =)

A question in general though...

I've added functionality to do basic caching of compiled XSL
stylesheets and periodic checks for updates of the XSL files
themselves... and I want to know if there is some easy/conformant way
to have init-time parameters set on a Taglib.

For instance my XSL caching is great.. saves lots of time... but the
only way I can see to configure whether the caching is currently
enabled/disabled is through an attribute in the tag in the JSP...

This sucks because if we want to turn caching on/off it requires
changing every JSP that uses that tag and then re-compiling...

This is not an easy thing to accomplish when there is a quick
turnaround time between development and production. Many a time we are
hand-changing the files on the server to enabled the XSL caching...

I looked for some sort of global init parameter but didn't find one.

Yeah I could use properties files... but well.. they are properties
files ;) Sort of seems wrong when we have all these .xml configuration
files just sitting around in the WEB-INF directory doing things very
similar to what I want but for the rest of the application =)

Am I overlooking something or is the only way to get what I want
through property files?

Thanks for your time.

Dylan Parker

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