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From Daniel Jonathan Mandell <dmand...@stanford.edu>
Subject [PROPOSAL] adding "tools" directory to taglibs
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2001 01:55:48 GMT
Hi all,

A few weeks ago I submitted CTLX, an extension for authoring JSPs with
custom tags in UltraDev, to the taglibs project. One of the issues with
commiting any utility or tool for tag libraries to the project is that
since the tool itself is not a tag library, it is difficult to provide
the source in a structure that is useful but also complies with the
Jakarta directory structure. CTLX for example, consists of a servlet,
6 JavaScript files installed via Macromedia's "Extension Manager", and a
tutorial webapp. The servlet and webapp could be picked up by a build.xml
file, but the actual extension files require the use of the Macromedia
"Extension Manager" to be built and installed.

Since tool support seems to be an area of growing interest among tag
library users, I'd like to suggest we add a "tools" directory to the
repository, and within that directory we could have an "UltraDev"
directory for something like CTLX, and a GoLive directory when someone
creates a similar tool for GoLive, etc. If there is any issue with this,
please let me know.


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