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From "Mike Cannon-Brookes" <mcan...@internet.com>
Subject RE: PROPOSAL: io tag library (was Re: PROPOSAL: http tag library)
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2001 22:09:10 GMT
Has this been added? I can't see it in CVS and the taglib is brilliant.

Vote +1 from me should we decide to add it.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: James Strachan [mailto:james@metastuff.com]
> Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 11:42 PM
> To: taglibs-dev@jakarta.apache.org
> Subject: PROPOSAL: io tag library (was Re: PROPOSAL: http tag library)
> I've attached a JAR of the new io tag library which subsumes and
> extends the
> previous http tag library I posted to this list. I'd like to submit to the
> jakarta-taglibs project. Its ready for unpacking into the main
> jakarta-taglibs directory, it uses the standard layout & build
> process etc.
> Firstly I've renamed the "http" library to be "io" as it is no longer
> limited to HTTP, it now does most simple input/output options thanks to
> Java's URL class. So it can support ftp, file, http, (https), xmlrpc, soap
> and any other URL supported protocol. The sample web application
> included in
> this distribution demonstrates most of these protocols in action.
> This version also has "tag pipelining" integrated into it such
> that the body
> of (say) a http post can be piped in from any other 'pipeline tag' and
> similarly the output can be 'piped' too. I'll describe the pipelining in a
> seperate email.
> <aside>
> A seperate file tag library might be useful (e.g. <file:read> <file:write>
> <file:mv> <file:cp> <file:createTemp> <file:delete> though this
might be
> gnat-tags doman.
> </aside>
> The main changes are now that the <http:request> tag has become
> <io:request>
> which works for most simple requests with <io:http>, <io:xmlrpc> and
> <io:soap> offering additional attributes and features (such as <io:http>
> allows HTTP POSTS to be done).
> Here are some examples of simple URL requests using FTP and HTTP:-
>     <io:request url="ftp://ftp.gnu.org/README"/>
>     <io:request url="http://www.something.com/something.html"/>
> Here is an example of using the <io:http> tag to do a HTTP post which uses
> the content of the current request as the body of the POST. (So
> this is like
> a HTTP POST proxy).
>     <io:http url="http://something" action="POST">
>         <io:pipe input="<% request.getReader() %>"/>
>     </io:http>
> Notice that the <http:body> tag has been replaced with a more reusable
> <io:pipe> tag in the above example. This new tag can perform arbitrary
> piping of data from a specified input to a specified output. If
> no input is
> specified then its body content is used. If no output is
> specified then the
> current JspWriter is used. So to specify a body the following could be
> used:-
>     <io:http url="http://something" action="POST">
>         <io:pipe>
>             this is the body of the POST
>         </io:pipe>
>     </io:http>
> In the first example, the <io:pipe> tag is optional, it could be replaced
> as:-
>     <io:http url="http://something" action="POST" pipeInput="<%
> request.getReader() %>"/>
> More on pipelining will follow in a seperate email.
> <James/>
> James Strachan
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> web: http://www.metastuff.com
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