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From Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart <Eduardo.Pelegrillop...@Sun.COM>
Subject TLD init feature -- was ... Re: [VOTE] i18n taglib release
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2001 16:36:19 GMT
Tim Dawson wrote:

> <sidebar>
> The servlet init param is feature that IMHO should have an equivalent in the
> taglib descriptor!  OR, simply adding a <default> parameter to the taglib
> would be good as well (Craig - are you listening? :-)
>     <attribute>
>       <name>bundle</name>
>       <default>com.wamnet.tools.jsptags.i18n-test</default>
>     </attribute>
> </sidebar>

Hi Tim.

The issue of some way of customizing tag handlers within a TLD came up
in the JSP 1.2 design cycle (actually, I brought it up).  Unfortunately,
I think we had a bit of a timing mismatch, and we did not have enough
experience with tag library design at that moment to justify some
requirements and there was not enough support for the feature.  Also,
adding init parameters begs the question of "how are they made
available", and we never had the time/motivation to explore that

Your proposal for a default value is an interesting twist.  We had
considered very briefly thoughts along those lines for redefining the
behavior of a custom action, but I had not realized that this would
address the customization requirement at the same time. One of the nice
things about this approach is that it does not require any new notion;
this is strictly a compile-time action.

We are way past the design phase for JSP 1.2, and this is a new
feature.  It is unlikely that I can convince all the participants in the
JCP/RI/Test efforts to add a new feature to the spec at this stage, but,
I'm game to exploring the concept and exactly what it would mean and
involve.  *If* we agreed there was a significant benefit, we can then
consider next steps (no promises!!).  But let's look at this quickly,
the later the harder it is to do anything.

	- eduard/o (JSP 1.2 spec lead)

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