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From Charles Ballance <balla...@webforged.com>
Subject Any Interest in a JNDI based tagging
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 22:46:06 GMT
	A few years ago, I developed a template based approach to dealing with
html, etc.
It was written before JSP existed, and i have only in the past week been
looking at JSP
(only cause i'm porting from jsdk1.0.1 to tomcat).  You can see my
servlet based examples
at http://www.webforged.net.  The approach was to build a memory based
jndi naming context
and map objects residing at nodes in the context into a template via a
custom tag.
Today I re-implemented some basic functionality as a taglib.
I'd like to see if anyone was interested in the concept and if they
would be willing to look at
it/discuss features, etc.
I will send a zip of it to whomever's interested.  I want to release it
under Apache licensing.
What I hope to accomplish is to minimize the taglibs necessary for a GUI
designer to use and make
a consistent way for tool devs to set up the info necessary to render a
page.(build a namespace).


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