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From Morgan Delagrange <mdela...@yahoo.com>
Subject Nightly build failing (was: Re: [VOTE] jdbc taglib release)
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 17:43:23 GMT
Hi all,

The nightly builds for JDBC are failing.  I suspect
it's because the environment does not contain the
optional JDBC 2.0 API, which contains the DataSource
class.  Does anybody have any thoughts on where I can
put the required JAR, or if it exists elsewhere?  I've
looked at the other tags, and none of the others seem
to have extra-JDK and Jakarta dependencies, except for
BSF which is grabbing the JAR from Xalan.

Does anyone object to my checking the optional JDBC
2.0 API into the "lib" directory of the JDBC taglib? 
There may be a legal ramification there, but I don't
think so as long as it is not packaged in the
distribution.  Any other ideas?

- Morgan

--- Pierre Delisle <pierre.delisle@sun.com> wrote:
> Morgan Delagrange wrote:
> > 
> > Excellent, we have a release.  Does anybody know
> how
> > to set up for a daily build?  I can probably
> figure it
> > out if there are no volunteers.  :)
> Morgan,
> I believe you simply need to update the root
> build.xml 
> so it includes the JDBC tag library. 
> The nightly build should then pick it up.
> From build.xml:
>   <!-- ************************* Subproject
> Execution ********************* -->
>   <!--
>         Add a new target for each defined custom tag
> library subproject.
>         Be sure you also add each target to the
> "depends" list for the
>         "dist" target at the bottom of this file.
>   -->
>     -- Pierre

Morgan Delagrange

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