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From James Strachan <ja...@metastuff.com>
Subject Re: PROPOSAL: tag pipelining
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 13:19:14 GMT
Hi Pierre

I've enjoyed this discussion, thank you. I didn't fully understand the
problem when I first made the proposal and thanks to your responses I've a
much better understanding now - and I think we can solve both clean
pipelining and the 'attribute as tag value' problem at the same time!

> Why should the <xsl:apply> tag have to worry about 'other' data
> sources, besides the 'basic' ones (e.g. String, InputStream,
> Reader)?

Exactly! I've come to realise that too. Though I might include 'URL' as a
String value in that list as its kinda common - more on this later.

> Seems to me it would be much better to leave the task
> to the specialists in the matter, namely
> the jakarta 'http' taglib :-) (you wrote it, right!) for URLs,
> the jakarta-taglib jdbc taglib for database access, and the jndi
> taglib for jndi.


> Just as you first proposed with your 'pipeline' proposal,
> why not try to have taglib design principles that leverage what Unix
> taught us: a good set of tools that work well together via pipes.
>     The 'pipe model' is an elegant solution to allow
>     the setting of tag attribute values from nested tags.

Yes yes!

> I think we're really getting there :-) My next email will add some
> details to your amended proposal. Looking forward to hear more
> comments.

Yes I think we are! ;-)

I've reworked the http library to implement pipelining cleanly - its working
a treat. I'm just putting the finishing touches to it then I'll compose an
email describing it. I think I've a more reasonable design for the 'pipe'
interfaces which also work nicely with your 'tag:set' idea too. I'll post it
to the list in a few hours.

I was going to go ahead and port the xsl library to the new pipeline model
as a demonstration but I think I'll hold off until I've mailed the new http
tag library first - I've a feeling we may be doing similar things at the
same time.

More soon...


James Strachan
email: james@metastuff.com
web: http://www.metastuff.com


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