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From Shawn Bayern <shawn.bay...@yale.edu>
Subject Re: jdbcTagLib: ResultSetTag does not work with Access DB
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 21:35:22 GMT
On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Ciot, Thierry wrote:

> When using an access DB with the odbc bridge I get an unsupported feature
> exception at:
> ResultSetTag.doStartTag() {
>     ...
>     if (_rset.isBeforeFirst() == false) { return SKIP_BODY; }
>     ...
> }
> I commented out that line and got the example working.
> I suppose the author wanted to check if the result set was empty?
> Is there any other way to do that such that it is compatable with the ODBC
> bridge?

Since it does a _rset.next() anyway to prepare the ResultSet for later
use, it'd probably be better to turn

     if (_rset.isBeforeFirst() == false) { return SKIP_BODY; }


    if (!_rset.next())
	return SKIP_BODY;

anyway.  I think you're right about the code trying to determine whether
the ResultSet has any rows; if that's true, then this fix should work.


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