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From Chris Widhelm <cwidh...@arcmail.com>
Subject Re: XSLT Question
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2001 21:21:24 GMT
Nevermind.  Wrong version of xalan.  If you want to use the xsl
taglibrary, it would be advised to use xalan 1.2.2 or something close to
that version.

Chris Widhelm wrote:
> I am trying the example that Joe gave for David and I am running into a
> bit of a problem.
> I get a noClassDefFoundError for org.apache.xalan.xslt.XSLTInputSource.
> I looked at the source with the current xalan distribution and I can't
> find the class anywhere.  I looked at the javadoc and guess what?  Not
> there either.  Which build is this class in?
> Thanks,
> Chris

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