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From Morgan Delagrange <mdela...@yahoo.com>
Subject JDBC update
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2001 01:34:48 GMT
Hi all,

Well, I've completed integrating Marius' changes into
the JDBC taglib, and I'm happy with the results.

The first major change is that getColumn now accepts
either a position or a "colName".  (I'm not entirely
happy about the vague message that the TEI returns for
invalid usage, but I'm not sure there's anything
reasonable to do about it.)  

The second major change is the addition of four new
tags: getNumber, getTime, getDate and getTimestamp. 
Basically these give you more control over formatting
and Locale than getColumn.  For now, see the TLD for
details.  I'll add details to the general
documentation once folks have a chance to try it out.

Marius, please review the changes and let me know what
you think.  Also, you might want to compare the new
code to what you submitted; you'll probably find it
instructive.  Also, I added a getNumber test to the
sample jsp, but I didn't have time to test out
getTime, getDate, and getTimestamp, so I would
appreciate if you could try them out.  Excellent
submission, I think you really nailed the
internationalization side of this tag library.

As always, comments are appreciated.  I think we're
getting close to an initial release here.

- Morgan

Morgan Delagrange

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