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From James Strachan <ja...@metastuff.com>
Subject Re: PROPOSAL: http tag library (version 0.3 attached)
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 16:39:24 GMT
> Now do you think you could add a <http:xmlrpc> ? ;)

Your wish is my command Mike :)

I've attached version 0.3 of the http-tags: full source code, documentation
and sample web-app.
This version includes a <http:xmlrpc> tag too so that the tag lib supports
both arbitrary http request, SOAP and XML-RPC requests. To make an XML-RPC
call its as simple as:-

<http:xmlrpc url="/RPC2">

I've also added a URLHelper class such that local URIs, relative to the
web-app (e.g. "/foo.jsp") or remote URLs (e.g. "http://www.foo.com") are all
now supported in all the <http:request>, <http:soap> and <http:xmlrpc> tags.

Finally I've added 2 simple echo services to the sample web app, one XML-RPC
and one SOAP that just echo the request information they are given. They are
both a simple test harnesses and they also let you see what information you
are sending to the web service.

Any more comments?


James Strachan
email: james@metastuff.com
web: http://www.metastuff.com


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