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From James Strachan <ja...@metastuff.com>
Subject Re: taglib for submission
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2001 16:59:06 GMT
From: "Rich Catlett" <rich@more.net>
> I work with a committer, and I have a taglib that I would like to commit
> to the Apache project.  First off the taglib is called scrape.  It makes
> an http connection to a named site and then using regular expressions it
> grabs a portion and displays it in the users own jsp page.

To get around the licence problems with the HTTPClient you're using in
scrape, would it make sense to resuse the http tag library I just submitted
(assuming it gets accepted)? Though I haven't added any caching to the http
tag library yet but that would be a logical next step.

The 2 tag libraries could work together as follows (guessing the syntax of
scrape and assuming that <scrape:scrape> is a BodyTag):-

<scrape:scrape pattern="xxx">
    <http:request url="http://www.foo.com/bar" action="GET"/>

i.e. scrape just scrapes its body content and other tags (such as in the
http or jdbc taglibs) generate the body content.

Another alternative would be to integrate scrape into Pierre's iotransformer
tag library.


James Strachan
email: james@metastuff.com
web: http://www.metastuff.com


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