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From mdela...@us.britannica.com
Subject RE: JDBC tags this week
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2001 21:33:10 GMT
Hi all,

OK, I committed the JDBC tag library code to CVS.  I haven't completed the
Tag Reference yet, but the Javadocs, TLDs, examples, etc are in place.  Feel
free to tinker and give feedback.  I'll probably makes some updates later
this week or next.

Per Glenn's suggestions, I added preparedStatement tags to the first
release.  Whew, what a pain that was!  :)  Per his suggestion, I also added
the ability to automatically read connection info from context parameters.

Brian Zimmer also suggested that the connection tags work with DataSources,
as well as the DriverManager, so I added support for that as well.

To do list:

- Complete the documentation
- Some of the java source lacks the Apache license information
- Add section on connection pooling to the documentation
- Add "name" attribute to ResultSet, so that users can use ResultSets
  that were not created by the statement or preparedStatement

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