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From Boyd Waters <bwat...@cv3.cv.nrao.edu>
Subject Re: SQL tags
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2001 19:49:38 GMT
Scott Stirling wrote:
> Check out XQL.  It's not a w3 spec or recommendation, but it (or something
> like it) may be in the future.
> http://www.ibiblio.org/xql/

Hey, this is neat!

I am wondering how this relates to the XPath specification, which is
already a W3C thing. XQL and XPath look very similar to me, and perhaps
they will converge... XPath is used to specify templates for matching
rules in XSLT, for example.

For yet another XML-based query langauge, take a look at


although this is a commercial product, I think...

IMHO these XML-based query languages are NOT the way to go for something
that calls itself a "sql" taglib. I agree with Scott's comments:

> BTW, I don't think SQL is a big deal for the JSP tag user.  It's easier than
> HTML, don't you think?  Particularly since 99% of SQL used in server-side
> processing apps are straightforward SELECTs, INSERTs and UPDATEs.

I would further add that <flamebait>if you want to use persistent
objects, you should use persistent (EJB?) beans and should never ever
use SQL tables directly.</flamebait> Put another way: the SQL taglib
fills a very useful niche for talking to databases -- for building page
objects that cannot stand on top of another persistent object. For when
you don't want to use the EJB pattern.

-- boyd

Boyd Waters                                          bwaters@nrao.edu
National Radio Astronomy Observatory              http://www.nrao.edu
PO Box 0 Socorro, NM 87801                               505.835.7346


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