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From Scott "M." Stirling <sstirl...@mediaone.net>
Subject Build Taglib query (erstwhile Ant taglib)
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2001 05:37:57 GMT
If I renamed all packages, docs, and so forth from ant-tags/Ant taglib to build/Build taglib,
would that be acceptable to people?

On that note, I've noticed a slight potential problem, which will
probably come up again eventually, so a new file naming convention may
be in order -- naming the project "build" means there would be a
directory named "build" in the CVS, next to all the other taglib
directories.  Fine in CVS, but if you download and unpack it from a dist
file or even via CVS, it looks like it might be a more generic build
directory.  I've noticed the convention of short, one-word names for all
the taglibs -- no hyphens, no underscores.  Seems like a diectory named
"build-tags," "buildtags," or "buildtasks" would be clearer since many
people automatically think a directory named "build" is a build
directory of some sort. The convention so far is that the name of the
taglib is the name of the directory, I think.

BTW, I've asked the Ant Dev group about the Ant-->JSP integration
question .  As I said, there's no easy answer for how to do it (yet).
However, I am looking at using Avalon and perhaps one of the proposed
Ant 2.0 frameworks, called Myrmidon, to implement the full integration
of a JSP taglib with Ant.

Scott Stirling
West Newton, MA

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