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From "Scott Stirling" <sstirl...@mediaone.net>
Subject RE: Using PageContext to pass Object params
Date Sat, 23 Dec 2000 18:28:14 GMT

This is the second time in a couple recent emails you've referred to problem
domains.  The first time was in your comments on the non-competition between
JSP and some other technologies for generating dynamic Web content:

Thurs. 12/21/00:
"I don't see a real competition
between WebMacro, Cocoon, et al. I think JSP has its own domain, and
because it lives in its own 'We're not page hackers' domain,"

You seem to have working ideas of the problem domains of JSP and some other
technologies.  It would be interesting to hear them.  For instance, why do
you believe JSP is not in the domain of page hackers?  My belief is that
JSP, Webmacro, Cocoon, CFML, and some others are concerned with the problem
domain I would call "dynamic Web content generation."  I think JSP is and
should continue to be more than just the preferred Web-view component of
J2EE apps.  That is, it has a life of its own, particularly for those many
Web sites that don't need the full power of J2EE (EJB, transactions, and all

I'm willing to argue that any boundaries demarking the problem domain of JSP
as isolated from some of the other technologies we've mentioned are illusory
or imagined.  For businesses looking for dynamic Web content, these are all
competing technologies, I think.

Lastly, I was thinking Mike's JSPT idea had broader applications, although
he may not have expressed it as such.

Scott Stirling

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Joseph B. Ottinger [mailto:joeo@epesh.com]
> I like the idea of JSPT, but honestly, I think the problem domain it's
> trying to fix is too small to be generally useful. Most of the tags I'd
> liek to see don't generate much HTML, and the HTML they generate is pretty
> simple.

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