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From Scott Stirling <sstirl...@allaire.com>
Subject RE: [ PROPOSAL ] Ant taglib
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 06:30:29 GMT
Yeesh.  Big debates on the Ant dev list.

I will package up what I have so far and send it to everyone this week,

A generic JSP compiler in Ant would be nice.  There's just a
WebLogic-specific one in there now.  

I'll have to look at Velocity.  I've never looked into it.

A pure Java checksum tag would be nice, BTW.  Would probably fit in well as
part of the Ant taglib...

Scott Stirling

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From: Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart
To: taglibs-dev@jakarta.apache.org
Sent: 12/18/00 2:51 PM
Subject: Re: [ PROPOSAL ] Ant taglib

+1 too.  This type of experimentation is one of the things I wanted to
encourage with taglibs.

What about the other direction?  Running the JSP (compiler) from Ant so
we can build static sites using JSPs?  I like the way Velocity is
integrated with Ant and would love to see it done with JSP too.

Of course, once you have both sides you can build static sites
dynamically :-)

	- eduard/o

"Craig R. McClanahan" wrote:
> Scott Stirling wrote:
> > Hey,
> >
> > The subject says a lot.  What I'm proposing here is an addition to
> > taglib project.
> >
> > I have a few of the easy tags implemented as prototypes all ready,
> >
> > <ant:echo message=""/>
> > <ant:fail message=""/>
> > <ant:gunzip src="/path/to/file.gz" dest="[ filename | directory ]"/>
> > <ant:gzip src="/path/to/file" zipfile="filename.zip"/>
> > <ant:mkdir dir="/directory(ies)/to/create"/>
> >
> > So why the hell make a taglib out of Ant tasks, you ask?  I've
thought about
> > it a lot.  The main reason I've thought of is that so many of the
Ant tasks
> > make natural JSP tags that would allow people with Web scripting
skills to
> > do a lot of the same mundane backend stuff that CFML tags do, that
> > programmers scripts do, etc. such as copy files, delete files, ftp
> > execute native programs, and so on.
> >
> > Being able to build and deploy ejb jars and wars online would allow
you to
> > easily make Web-based build systems.
> >
> +1 ... this idea is mind-twisting enough to be a lot of fun :-).
> >
> > Scott Stirling
> > West Newton, MA
> Craig

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