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From Boyd Waters <bwat...@cv3.cv.nrao.edu>
Subject Re: Oracle JDeveloper
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 08:47:19 GMT
Jon Baer wrote:

> I know that this might sound far fetched but there is a concept I have been
> thinking about for a long time.  Im trying to think if there is a way that .sql
> script files could work directly with manipulating JSP taglibs, for example
> complete data-aware tags based on data structures created from sql.  Does
> something like this exist as it?


 I wrote a silly demo sql taglib that Nacho cleaned up (read: totally
re-did! (thanks, Nacho!)) and is now part of the taglibs distribution. 

In one incarnation of this taglib, the data was returned as XML, and I
wrapped it with an XSLT tag in order to produce HTML based on the XML. I
could therefore get pull-down selections in forms, for example, that
were based on the result of a SQL query. I don't know if that's what you
mean by a "data-aware tag" or not. Probably not, since you have to write
the XSLT too, but I think it's close... 

So you could have something like

<xsl:apply xsl="resultSet-to-html-select.xsl">
  <sql:query id="getBoxen" connection="conn1" visibility="xml">
   <jsp:include file="your-query-here.sql" />

I really should write the documetation for those SQL tags...

-- boyd

Boyd Waters                                          bwaters@nrao.edu
National Radio Astronomy Observatory              http://www.nrao.edu
PO Box 0 Socorro, NM 87801                               505.835.7346


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